Interest rate futures are an important hedging tool against movements in interest rates which is a key factor affecting the performance of the economy and returns across different asset classes. Leveraging on ADMIS global presence, customers can enjoy our dedicated 24-hour coverage.


The most actively traded futures contract in the world by volume. Traded around the clock on CME Globex.


Traded under two contracts based on LIBOR and TIBOR with settlements against the Interbank overnight rates in London and Tokyo respectively.

US Treasury Bonds and Notes

U.S. Treasury futures and options provide a wide variety of market participants' around-the-globe with the ability to adjust their interest rate exposure. Futures and options on 2-Year, 5-Year and 10-Year Treasury Notes and 30-Year Treasury Bonds are key tools for those who wish to manage their interest rate risk, as well as those who wish to take advantage of price volatility.